Peter McHugh*


Specialist in commercial contract disputes

Case Studies

“Had it not been for your skill and expertise, we would not have reached a conclusion to the complex mediation case.” – Client testimonial

These cases demonstrate how Peter has been able to help clients find mutually acceptable solutions to  disputes.

Peter is an accredited mediator with over 20 years of experience acting to resolve disputes ranging from high value, multi-party disputes through to general cases involving individuals, families and small businesses. He carries out a large number of mediations every year, achieving successful resolution in over 85% of cases and has helped numerous clients through his highly effective and confidential service.  Mediation can provide a resolution more quickly than through litigation and will help clients avoid costly court fees.

Peter specialises in construction and property related disputes but as the case studies on this website demonstrate his experience is both extensive and varied.


Case Study

A three party dispute involving a cricket club, a contractor and an architectural practice.


Case Study

Two elderly sisters arguing over the sale of an inherited house and woodland left to them by their Great Aunt.


Case Study

A dispute between a building contractor and a door manufacturer over the fit and performance of doors at a residential care home.


Case Study

A £12m Compulsory Purchase Order Dispute