Peter McHugh*


Specialist in commercial contract disputes

Professional yet very approachable” – Legal 500

Peter McHugh

Peter McHugh is a solicitor, chartered arbitrator and accredited mediator. He strongly believes that any dispute is capable of being resolved by way of mediation.

Peter has mediated in a wide range of disputes and achieved successful resolutions in over 85% of cases. This higher than average success rate is a testament to Peter’s experience, dealing with complex and varied cases. Peter has mediated in multi-million pound disputes comprising multiple parties and complex issues and yet also regularly works on small cases involving individuals, families and small businesses.

He is particularly known for his specialist work in construction and property dispute resolution, acting on behalf of contractors, sub contractors and employers in litigation, arbitration, adjudication and mediation. Although well respected in this area of law, his work as a mediator goes far beyond this sector. He also advises in professional negligence claims, acting on behalf of businesses and individuals within industry either defending or pursuing claims. Peter is based in Birmingham and acts for clients across the Midlands and throughout the UK.

Aside from his work as a mediator, Peter McHugh he is respected for his work in construction law – acting on behalf of contractors, employers in construction disputes of all sizes and types, including commercial, residential, from PLC to SME organisations. For more information of Peter’s services as a lawyer, visit his webpage at Clarke Willmott –

Mediation Style

Peter has a relaxed approach and encourages the parties to engage in the process of mediation. He will explain the procedure at the outset of the mediation and work closely with all participants to establish the points that are most important to them.  Peter has been described as taking a very professional approach and demonstrates patience with everyone involved in the mediation process.  His level-headed style draws out the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s situation, enabling them to make reasonable decisions and gradually come to an acceptable conclusion.


Peter is also a chartered arbitrator.  He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and has conducted arbitrations as a single arbitrator.
Resolving a dispute through arbitration is a different process to mediation.  As mediator, Peter is simply trying to facilitate an agreement between the parties.  As an arbitrator he will consider the evidence put before him by the disputing parties’ representatives and, based on the weight of the evidence, he will make a decision that is legally binding.


Peter has successfully conducted a considerable number of mediations over the last 20 Years.  They range from high value, commercial and construction disputes to matters of a more general nature, some of which he dealt with when he sat as a mediator in the Birmingham County Court. This was a pilot scheme the Birmingham County Court ran that was very successful. Examples of cases are just a snap shot of some he has mediated are:


    • A £12m 2 day compulsory Purchase order dispute
    • Printing press breach of contact dispute
    • Right of way over neighbouring farm land
    • Dispute over refurbished agricultural machinery
    • Consumer dispute with builders over and extension to property
    • Subsidence case with a property value of £2m, which involved the dredging of a stream and included five parties.
    • Professional negligence claim involving a conveyancing solicitor in a residential property transaction.
    • Professional negligence claim against an architect and a contractual claim against a contractor regarding a golf driving range.
    • Breach of contract claim against a contractor for incorrectly fitting windows into a refurbished school.
    • The failure of a refurbished printing press from an overseas supplier.
    • Dispute regarding land ownership and rights of way over a farm in Yorkshire.
    • A dispute that had been going for 30 years involving an inheritance claim over a large property.
    • A construction dispute over an extensively refurbished old mill.
    • A dispute relating to workmanship and breach of building regulations between a builder and the owner of a refurbished and extended farm in Essex.
    • A dispute about a breach of contract involving the supply of scaffolding in Guernsey.
    • A dispute about a retaining wall, between the owner of a residential property and the neighbouring property.


“Peter is very easy to get on with, he listens and is quickly able to grasp the issues and deliver swift results.” – Client testimonial